On Lot Inventory

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New Arrivals

10x16 Best Value Metal building

8x12 Lofted Barn

8x12 Greenhouse

12x20 metal utility building

10x16 Best Value Wood

8x12 Metal Barn

16x40 side utility

12x20 Utility Building

Painted Lofted Barn

10x16 Metal side lofted barn

12x20 Side Lofted Barn

10x20 Metal Side Lofted

16x50 Deluxe Lofted Barn Cabin

12x24 Best Value Wood

8x12 standard barn

12x32 Lofted Barn Cabin

10x20 Lakeside screen room

12x16 Playhouse


12x16 Cottage shed

6x8 A-Frame dog kennel

5x8 Chicken Coop

8x14 Double dog kennel

8x12 Greenhouse

8x8 Single Dog Kennel

8x10 Economy Greenhouse

12x24 Side Lofted Barn


8x12 Hideout playhouse

8x14 Double dog kennel

10x12 Side lofted barn

6x8 A-Frame Dog Kennel

6x8 Metro shed

12x20 side lofted barn

Continued Inventory

12x32 light gray garage

Octagon Gazebo

12x12 Lakeside porch


8x14 Double Dog Kennel

10x16 Greenhouse

10x12 Side Utility

10x16 Oblong Gazebo

10x16 Playhouse

12x24 Side Lofted Barn

8x12 Greenhouse

8x12 Greenhouse

Discounted Inventory

12x16 Quad dog kennel

10x16 discounted lofted barn

Sold Inventory

standard barn

10x12 Side lofted Barn

12x24 Utility xtra height

12x20 Wood Side Utility

12x24 Metal Shed

10x12 Wood (side Utility)

Deluxe Lofted Barn Cabin

10x16 Lofted Barn Cabin

12x14 Triple Dog Kennel

8x14 used Dog kennel

10x16 Best Value Metal

8x16 Wood Cabin

12x20 Metal Utility shed

8x12 Metal Building

Playhouse Cabin

12x24 Side Lofted Barn

10x16 Metro Garden Shed

10x12 Playhouse

8x12 Metal Building

Deluxe Lofted Barn Cabin

12x32 Lofted Barn cabin

12x24 Side Lofted Barn

10x12 Best Value Shed

10x16 used greenhouse

10x16 Utility xtra height

10x12 side metal shed

10x16 Utility with electric

10x16 side Lofted Barn

12x32 Side Utility

Painted Side Lofted Barn

10x12 tan metal Utility

Screened Building

10x14 glider house gazebo

12x32 lofted barn cabin

10x16 side lofted barn

12x24 Painted garage


Side Lofted Barn